Fall In New England

Fall In New England – Click on stream to enlarge image or to order giclee prints.

by Luciano Somma

 On this first day of September, I felt it appropriate to share the poem SEPTEMBER FIRST written by Luciano Somma. As in all of Luciano’s poetry, we feel the sentimental spirit of one of Italy’s foremost poets. I am always honored to translate his works.

You can find Luciano Somma at:

Per il primo settembre Vorrei offrire la poema IL PRIMO SETTEMBRE scritto di Luciano Somma. Come tutte delle sue poesie, sentiamo lo spirito sentimentale d’un poeta molto noto in Italia. Si può trovare Luciano Somma a:


L’ultimo sogno d’Agosto

Si sveglia col primo Settembre,

questa sera è un incanto!

Il cielo è amaranto, uno spiffero di vento

dolce come la carezza d’un bene

amaro come il fiele del pianto

mi porta una ciurma di pensieri

Che affollano la mente

e mettono in croce questo cuore.

Vorrei che piovesse e non piove…

Vorrei tante nuvole intorno

ma la luna è d’argento                         .

Vorrei che un sogno tornasse

ma il sogno non torna.

Questo sogno è partito

sulle onde

dell’ultima sera d’Agosto


un grappolo di stelle

lassù nel cielo amaranto

in questa sera incantata

del primo Settembre.

Luciano Somma



The last dream of August

awakens with the first of September,

this evening is enchantment!

The sky bleeds red and purple, a light breeze

soft like a lover’s caress

bitter like malicious words

brings me a band of thoughts

that crowd my mind

and torture this heart.

I wish it were raining and not rain…

I’d like a cloud-filled sky

yet view a silver moon.

I wish the dream was ending

But the dream doesn’t end.

This dream has departed

on the waves

of the final August evening

leaving me

a cluster of stars

far-off in the bleeding sky

in this enchanted evening

of September first.

Pamela Allegretto (translation)

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  1. Beautiful artwork! You should be part of my Travel Art group 😉
    I gave you a L/F in FAA 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, here and on FineartAmerica. I appreciate your kindness. I am also grateful to you for your generosity in inviting me into your FAA group. I have already joined, I just haven’t had the opportunity yet to add my brief bio. I also thank you for the invitation to join your travelartpix here on WordPress. It’s a lovely site and as soon as I get organized with other commitments, I will be happy to participate. Best wishes! Pamela

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