EXPO 2015 Milano Poetry Translations

 Da Ischia L’Arte

Here’s some fun news: The Italian poetry anthology “Da Ischia L’Arte,” written by Bruno Mancini and Roberta Panizza, in which several of my translations appear, will be featured at EXPO Milano 2015, where there is expected to be over 20 million visitors this year!
Ci sono qualche delle mie traduzioni nell’Antologia”Da Ischia L’Arte,” Scrittore Bruno Mancini,che sara`distribuito al EXPO Milano 2015.


Translating poetry presents challenges not found when translating basic text. You arm yourself with the same essential tools: dictionary, verb book, and thesaurus, but for poetry translations you need to add creativity. Your aim is to maintain a line-for-line translation, while sustaining the author’s “voice and subtext.” Given the differences in sentence structure between languages, this can be tricky, and occasionally, no matter how you hard you try, a line-for-line is impossible.
Other problems occur when you overuse the thesaurus to a point where the word takes on a new meaning. This can happen when you think your word fits the “idea” better than that of the poet. A good translator has to put ego aside and keep the poet in mind at all times. If you think you can do better, write your own poetry, don’t rewrite the work of someone who has trusted you and paid you to do a worthy translation.
There are times when a poem is so encumbered in idiomatic nuance and ambiguous metaphors it can take as long, or possibly longer, to translate than it took the poet to write it. I’ve experienced this on a few occasions, where even after extensive conversations with the poet, I’m still scratching my head and wondering how he got “this” idea out of “that.”
There are some who think translating is little more than looking up each word and writing it down. If you believe that’s the case, you need only go to Babel Fish, Google Translate, or one of the other translating sites on line. Paste a small text in another language and then “hit” translate. Many times the translation, although in English, is almost as difficult to understand as its foreign counterpart.

Da Ischia L'Arte

Da Ischia L’Arte


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