St. Clement’s Castle

St. Clements Castle

St. Clements Castle – Click on wishing well to enlarge image or to purchase giclee prints.




The name “Saint Clement” was chosen for the date of the manor home’s completion, November 23, the Feast of St. Clement. An early bishop of Rome, Clement became the patron saint of mariners and iron-workers, especially blacksmiths, because he was martyred by being tied to an iron anchor and drowned at sea.  Yikes!  In his honor, elaborate ironworks decorate the castle gardens.

The majority of artists who visit St. Clement’s choose to paint either the lovely red stone building or the lush gardens and landscape that meander down to the Connecticut River.  But what caught my fancy, tucked in the middle of a wisteria-bordered courtyard, was  a stone gazebo that framed a charming well.   Since I love painting stonework, this gazebo was too fun to pass up.  Is this a wishing well?  I’m not sure, but often times while working on this painting I cursed my love of stone work and I wished there weren’t so many stones.


St. Clement’s Castle  can be found off RT66 in Portland, CT


The painting above, St. Clement’s Castle, is an 11”x14” acrylic on canvas board and the original can be purchased on my art website:

Giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size can be purchased at:






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