New England Red Barn At Sunrise

New England Red Barn At Sunrise – Click on barn to enlarge image or to purchase giclee prints.




    When we first moved to Connecticut, about six years ago, I became fascinated by the multitude of charming red barns scattered across the state.  I understand the red barn craze abounds throughout all of New England. But why red?  There are many theories: One simple theory is that the red barns made it easy for the cows to find their way home.  Another theory claims that early American farmers began blending the traditional mixture of linseed oil, limestone, and milk with ferrous oxide, or rust. This abundant additive protected their barns from moss and fungi, while also turning the crude sealant a rich red color. The most gruesome theory claims that these farmers used the blood from a fresh slaughter rather than rust.  Gross!  I think I prefer the cow theory.

The original 11”x14” acrylic on canvas board can be purchased on my art website:

Quality giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size can be purchased at:

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