Waterfall At East Hampton

Waterfall at East Hampton

Waterfall at East Hampton – Click on Waterfall to enlarge image or to order giclee prints.

What is it about waterfalls that attracts people?  I mean, all they are is water running over rocks.  So what’s the big deal?  For me, the attraction is the power of the water, the force of nature, if you will.   And it’s the sound, (nature’s music) that has this wonderful calming effect on the psyche.   This Waterfall in East Hampton, tucked away down a narrow country lane, doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that it’s one of the smallest waterfalls in the state of Connecticut.  It flows and hums and sometimes even rumbles like the big boys.

Although I’m not too keen on paintings with muted colors, preferring bold and vivid, I am a sucker for rocks and stones, and here was a wall of rocks and stones, with a the bonus of a waterfall thrown in to keep me calm while painting en plein air, which is not my preference.

The original 11″x14″ acrylic on Pintura canvas board painting can be purchased on my art website:  http://www.pamelaallegretto-franz.com

Quality giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size can be purchased at:  http://pamela-allegretto.fineartamerica.com

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