Painting in Italy / Rome

My frequent trips throughout Italy persistently spark my urge to paint.  Although it’s impossible to resist an occasional Tuscan sun-drenched landscape or turquoise Mediterranean seascape, I’m primarily lured to paint Italy’s diverse architecture.

Rome is a prime example of this diversity.

Certainly when we speak of Rome and architecture, the first buildings that come to mind are Trajan’s Forum, Caracalla’s Baths, the Colosseum, and Hadrian’s Pantheon, just to mention a handful of the heavy hitters.  But I like the back streets of Rome.

I like to shop in the back streets, eat in the back streets, and paint in the back streets.  This is where life happens.  This is where you can guess at the occupations of the inhabitants by their clothes that hang on lines that crisscross the narrow streets and alleyways.  A banker’s white shirt might hang just below the street sweeper’s blue uniform.  There’s no class system on the clotheslines in the back streets.  This is where residents sit on wood and wicker chairs set outside on the sidewalk to discuss politics and exchange recipes, often in the same sentence.  They knit, string tomatoes, read, and nap.  Take away the TV’s, cell phones, ipods, and Vespas, and their every day lives mirror that of their ancestral Roman and Etruscan forefathers.

In this painting, Via Roma, the lopsided shades reflect the lifestyles between ancient and modern Rome: diverse yet connected.

The original 12″x26″watercolor on Arches 140 pound watercolor paper can be purchased on my art website:

Quality giclee print are available for purchase on my print site:

 I miei viaggi frequente in tutta l’Italia accendono il mio impulso dipingere. Ogni tanto è impossibile resistere il paesaggio Toscano baciato dal sole o la vista turchese del Mediterraneo, però, principalmente mi attira dipingere l’architettura diversa.

Nell questo quadrofattodipinto coi acquerelli, le veneziane distorte riflettono gli stili di vita fra l’antica Roma e Roma d’oggi: diversi ma collegato. Si può comprare l’originale al mio sito d’arte:  Opurre, si puo comprarne delle stampe di giclee al mio sito:

Via Roma

Via Roma – Click on window shades to enlarge image or to purchase giclee prints.





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