Home For Lunch In Rome

It was such fun painting my first “Home For Lunch” bicycle scene, and just as much fun selling it, that I decided to paint it again. This time the background hues are a bit warmer and the stones are slightly rearranged, so as not to be identical to the first painting. The origninal 11″x14″ acrylic on Pintura canvas board can be purchased from my art website:  http://www.pamelaallegretto-franz.com   Giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size to  can be purchased at: http://pamela-allegretto.fineartamerica.com 

Mi ha piaciuti cosi tanto dipingere il primo quadro con la bicicletta, ed ho piaciuto anche venderlo, che ho deciso dipingere un altro. I colori sono un pò diverso siccome non volevo averli uguali.  L’originale acrilico su tela 28x36cm senza cornice si puo` comprare al mio sito d’arte:  http://www.pamelaallegretto-franz.com   Si puo` comprarne delle stampe di gilceal sito:  http://pamela-allegretto.fineartamerica.com 

Home For Lunch In Rome

Home For Lunch In Rome – Click on bicycle to enlarge image or to purchase giclee prints.

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