Ripose 1

I have always admired Matisse.  His flurry of primary colors never cease to thrill me.  And I find it exciting that he deliberately flouted the conventional rules of drawing and perspective.  I like the fact that he continued to develop throughout his career, and even though his eyesight failed him in his later years, he didn’t allow that to stop his creative juices from flowing.  In fact, the paper collages that he created in his last years are what associate him most to many people.

For those of you who are bothered by my spelling of Ripose, I assure you that I know the “i” is wrong, but I just like the way it looks better than the “e”.  Maybe I’m snagging a little advice from Matisse and flouting the spelling rules.

In Ripose 1 I was influenced my the simplicity of Matisse’s paper collages and the  suggestion of Paul Klee  to “take a line for a walk.”

Quality giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size of Repose 1 and my other paintings can be purchased at:

Ripose 1

Ripose 1 – Click on image to enlarge or to purchase giclee prints.






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