Today is International Saxophone Day. Yes, that’s really a “Day!” It seems International Saxophone Day is celebrated on November 6th of each year in remembrance of Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax, the inventor of the saxophone. Adolphe Sax was born on November 6, 1814 in Dinant in Wallonia, Belgium.

     I am a huge jazz fan, and to me, the saxophone is one sexy sounding instrument, be it, soprano, tenor, alto, or baritone. Since Saxophone Day is November 6th, I thought I would list my 6 favorite Saxophone players. They are: Grover Washington Jr. / Julian (Cannonball) Adderley / Stan Getz / Sonny Rollins / John Coltrane / Charlie (Bird) Parker.

I know my saxophones aren’t anatomically correct, they’re not meant to be. I leave that to the “realist” painters. My saxophones are too into creating beautiful music together (i.e. sex) to worry about outward appearances.

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Sax Sex
Sax Sex

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