Cinco de Mayo Gift

“I Could read this one all over again!”

What author doesn’t want to jump over the moon when they read those words? None that I know. A special thank you to noted author, Suzi Stembridge, for taking the time to write such a lovely review. An extra reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

“I loved this book although the story was at times extremely harrowing. Woven through

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

the account of the Nazi forces (including some good German soldiers) and the Resistance in Southern Italy and Rome is a bewitching story, beginning at the time of the Fascists in the Mussolini regime continuing into the occupation by Nazis in Italy. It develops with a touching and loving relationship between a mother and her small daughter, plus a small wooden carved doll called Pinocchio and a community of artists living in a Jewish quarter in Rome. The author has researched the period thoroughly and her descriptive writing brings the locations vividly into focus. The characters are very plausible and the antagonist, Angelina’s sister-in-law, Lidia is about as evil as a being can be, obsessed by greed and power. Lidia is in total contrast to Angelina and the other players, but it is probably Angelina’s complex feelings for those she loves and meets which are the strength of this novel. The more I read the harder I found it to put the novel down!”

BRIDGE OF SIGHS AND DREAMS is available for purchase in paperback and eBook at:


BARNES & NOBLE:…/1122645088…

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