I decided since today is April Fools Day, I would share a few Italian Proverbs regarding fools. they’re just a little fluff for a light-hearted holiday.
“I pazzi crescono senza innaffiarli.”
“Fools grow without watering.”
“I pazzi inventano la moda e I savi la adottano.”
“Fools create the fashion and the wise adopt it.”
“I pazzi per lettera sono I maggiori pazzi.”
“Learned fools are the greatest fools.”
“Quando no dice niente, non è dal savio il pazzo differente”.
“When no one speaks, the fool and the wise are equal.”
“Ognuno può far della sua pasta gnocchi.”
“Everyone can make his own recipe for pasta.”

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That doesn’t have anything to do with fools.

What does it really mean?
“If it’s yours, you can do as you like.”

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