I am deeply grateful to acclaimed author, Greg Seeley, for this glowing review of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams.

“Pamela Allegretto takes us on a heart-wrenching and emotional journey in her “have to read” novel. The story is set in a time when Italy, with its rich history and cultural heritage, has been taken over by modern-age barbarians, the Fascists and then the Nazis.
Angelina, a young mother whose husband has been drafted into the Italian army and sent to fight alongside the Germans on the Russian front, has two primary goals – first to survive the madness but, more importantly, to protect her daughter, Gina. Not only must she watch as one after another of her friends and relatives is betrayed and murdered, she must also protect those she loves from the machinations of her husband’s sister who will do anything and turn in anyone to ingratiate herself with the country’s occupiers and enhance her personal fortunes.
Allegretto draws the reader relentlessly through the darkest period in modern European history as it showcases both the brutality visited upon Italy by the Fascists and the Nazis and the courage and compassion of those who oppose them. The plot contains numerous twists and turns, keeping the reader constantly wondering who can be trusted and who can’t. The tension in Allegretto’s novel is non-stop and includes a richly drawn cast of characters, both good and evil.
“Bridge of Sighs and Dreams” is a must-read for both suspense and history buffs as well as for others whose “rounding out” needs to include an understanding of this dark period. I rate this work a solid five stars.”

BRIDGE OF SIGHS AND DREAMS is available for purchase in paperback and eBook at:




Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams









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