“It Was Amazing” 5 Star Review

“It Was Amazing” 5 Star Review

 Those words and this review just sent me over the moon. I am deeply grateful to author Mary Feliciani for taking the time to write such a lovely 5-star review.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed every page of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams. The end of each scene left me wanting more. The storyline has many layers: the atrocities of World War 2; human nature at its best and worst; the love between a mother and daughter; the love between husband and wife; loyalty among friends, manipulation and betrayal; and the power of hope. It has all the elements of a book that can captivate and engage.
I was enamoured with some of the characters: Angelina the compassionate artist and her daughter Gina, who represents the innocence of a child; noble men like Pietro, Aldo and Karl who do what is right even when everything around them is wrong; Rosalina who became the grandmother figure, and who provides the much needed comic relief.

“The aforementioned benevolent characters are balanced off with the sociopathic behaviour of the SS, Fascist extremists, and Lidia, Angelina’s sister-in-law.

“The author demonstrates that the human necessity to bond is still present during wartime, and that there still is life after war. The author, being an artist herself, lovingly crafted a new family unit for Angelina using the broken pieces of other families.” Mary Feliciani

BRIDGE OF SIGHS AND DREAMS is available for purchase in paperback and eBook at:




Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams









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