Amazon Review – 5 STARS – “A spectacular historical novel!”

This 5-STAR review made my day!

“A spectacular historical novel!”

“I am nor never have been a fan of history although I do enjoy historical novels. BRIDGE OF SIGHS AND DREAMS is no exception! I could not put it down, doing so only when I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to sleep! I hope that Pam continues to write more books – I look forward to reading anything she would write. She has a great way of expressing thoughts and painting pictures using words. I did use a dictionary for the occasional Italian phrases but soon I learned that I really didn’t need to. The way the phrases were put in the context of the dialogue of her wonderful characters made it easy to determine the meanings. Thanks, Pam, for a wonderful trip through war-torn Italy. I have a much better appreciation for the Italians and all the Europeans, Jewish and non-Jews, who lived through the atrocities of WWII – God bless them!”

Thank you to Mary Kay for taking the time to write such an amazing review!

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

BRIDGE OF SIGHS AND DREAMS is available for purchase in paperback and eBook at: AMAZON:

BARNES & NOBLE:…/1122645088…




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