Amalfi Coast 3143x2441AMALFI COAST



     The diverse villages along the Amalfi Coast have been compared to a constellation, if this is the case, then the town of Amalfi is unquestionably the brightest star.  The Amalfitani like to boast: “The sun, the moon, the stars, and – Amalfi.”  You’ll get no argument from me.

Sandwiched between verdant and craggy mountains and the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the town’s vibrantly tiled cupolas and pastel-washed houses beg the artist to capture their pose.

For centuries, poets and writers have sung Amalfi’s praises, but it’s not easy to find the right words to do justice to its beauty.  For artists, I think Margaret Drabble said it best:  Amalfi clusters, the cliffs aspire, the sea extends.  It is a living view, of living rock and living light.  It changes minute by minute of an evening as the light changes.  Like a moving painting, like a wall of slowly evolving time, a perfectly composed combination of safety and danger, distanced, marginally landscaped by man, inviting the artist.” 


The original 8”x10” acrylic on canvas painting is available for purchase at my art website:

Giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size can be purchased at:


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