New England Waterfall

Waterfall Flowers 2429x3189


New England Waterfall

Connecticut is a plein air artist’s paradise. In addition to the vibrant hues that dominate the fall landscape, an explosion of pink, yellow, violet, and rose proclaim spring.

The first time I painted this waterfall in East Hampton, it was early spring before the flowers and trees had a chance to bloom. And although the waterfall was lovely, I always felt the painting lacked pizzazz. So I went back and added some color.

Although the ability to identify most flowers by their proper name eludes me, and my lack of floristic knowledge is often times manifested when for example, I paint rose leaves on a daisy, still, I love to paint flowers and will continue to do so, be they authentic reproductions or flowers that reside only in my mind’s eye.

Giclee prints from greeting card size to poster size are available on fineartamerica:

The original acrylic on canvas painting is available for sale on my on my art website:


Lo stato di Connecticut è un paradiso per gli artisti di plein air.  Oltre ai colori vivace dell’autunno, un esplosione di rosso, giallo, violetto, e rosa dichiarono la primavera.

Benchè mi elude l’abilità identificare i fiori coi nomi giusti, e si vede la mia mancanza della conoscenza floreale quando dipingo una margherita con le foglie d’una rosa, tuttavia, mi piace dipingere i fiori e li dipingerò ancora, se sono veri oppure fiori che vivono solamente nella mente.

Si può comprarne dell stampe di giclee:

Il quadro originale, dipinto con l’acrilico su tela, si può comprare sul mio website:

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